Mediation ServicesKieran Mulcahy is an Accredited Mediator located in Limerick.

Mediation is a process in which an impartial and independent third party facilitates communication and negotiation and promotes voluntary decision-making by the parties to a dispute to assist them to reach a mutually acceptable solution.

The Mediator’s role is non-judgmental and non-directive. The Mediator is neither judge nor arbitrator and does not adjudicate or give decisions on the rights or wrongs of the actions of the parties. The Mediator supports the parties in identifying their issues and needs, in exploring how those needs can be addressed and the Mediator facilitates them to reach agreement.

If you might require the assistance of a Mediator please contact Kieran Mulcahy and he will be delighted to offer Mediation assistance and Mediation advice to you.

Kieran also advises in the areas of arbitration and conciliation as alternatives to Court proceedings in the settlement of disputes.